Another compilation of Tagalog Love Quotes

Another compilation of Tagalog Love Quotes just for you! For sure if you’re reading this now, you might be inspired, broken or simply just looking for something to post. Either of the three, you have come in the right place. That is just a proof that you’re still human. You feel this crazy thing that we call “love”. So, read on and have fun!

Ang relationship, parang internet minsan may downtime but it doesn’t mean na walang connection.
Always remember that not all the time both of you were happy. When jealousy and all its prerequisites entered that is when sadness takes it place— the downtime of a relationship. You might think that he doesn’t value you anymore. You might be right but you can be wrong also. The best way, is to talk about it and for sure the connection will be revive.

Embrace the pain, nakakatulong din yan para makamove-on.
Embracing the pain doesn’t mean you’ll hurt yourself more. It just means accepting the fact that there are some things that was planned to be happen, either it favors you or not. Accept the pain until it hurts no more. Cry. Shout. Let go. If you fight back, you’ll get hurt even more.

Ang pagsasabi ng I LOVE YOU, hindi yan kontrata na magsasama kayo habang buhay. But you can do everything to make it happen.
Saying sweet words is not a guarantee that the two of you will be the one to stand together till the end. The best thing you can do is be happy with the one who make you smile today and make that person be the reason for you to smile tomorrow.

May mga bagay na kailangan mong paniwalaan at gustuhin para magkatotoo.
Trust. Motivation. This two make it happen. You have to believe in something although you never seen it nor touch it as long as you feel it in your heart, there’s no reason for you to doubt. You’ll never know if you’ll never try.

Ang pasensya kahit gaano kahaba, may hangganan. Ang pagmamahal gaano man kalalim, may katapusan. The only question is WHEN?
Ending? It brings uneasiness to you, right? Everything in this world ends. No matter how precious that thing is. One great example is our life. It still has an end. When it comes to love, of course it has too. But if it was real, it ends but just literally. Never jump into conclusions, just enjoy the moment!

Ang lalaki kung balak ka talagang lokohin, lolokohin ka nyan kahit bantayan mo pa yan.
A sure thing! So, the best remedy is to be ready. Ready for something that you least expect. Give your trust but not a hundred percent. Feelings changes, just like the weather. He might like you now and he might also like someone tomorrow. Be ready.

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