Love is probably one of the greatest and most dangerous forces to ever move humanity. Anything too much is probably bad for anyone. Sometimes we are so much in love with a person that we fail to imagine a world without them. They become our highest priority and we channelize all our energies towards making them happy. Our life revolves around them and we love them more than anybody or anything else in the world. That, at times, led to us getting overprotective about them. You must have unconditional love for your partner but make sure that you do not get overboard with affection. They should flourish under the shadow of your love and not feel suffocated because of it.

5 Reasons Why Loving Someone Too Much Kills the Love

1. No one wants to lose their freedom

When we love someone too much, we tend to work out some control over them. We do not want them to land themselves in any kind of hitch. Hence, we keep a check on their activities and guide them about their day to day actions. While we feel that we are protecting them from the external world, the fact remains it takes away their freedom. Willingly or unwillingly, they become dependent on us and feel they cannot do anything on their own.

Reasons Why Loving Someone Too Much Kills the Love

2. Stunt the relationship’s growth

More often than most people realize, we bind and limit ourselves in order to preserve our primary relationships. Sometimes we actually choose to remain the same and, in various ways, encourage our partner to remain the same in the mistaken belief that this will protect our relationship. It is possible to remember that when either partner moves forward professionally, psychologically or spiritually, when either partner drops some fear and opens their heart further, the other follows.

Loving Someone Too Much Kills the Love

3. Stifle their independence

Getting too close to your partner will lead you to eat into their personal space, something which would not please them at all. Giving your partner some space is as important spending time with them. There are certain areas in which your partner would not appreciate your presence or worse, interference. There are certain things which they can manage by themselves and deal on their own. You must respect your partner as an individual. They have their own identity and you must acknowledge that. If you ask them to devote all their time and energy towards the relationship, they will have no time for themselves. You do not wish your partner to lose their individuality but your overbearing nature will force them to do the same.

Too much love kills

4. Familiarity breeds contempt

You have the right to voice your opinion to your partner but you have surely do not have the authority to force it on them. What seems right to you may not seem correct to them. You must respect their opinion and let them be. Do not think of your opinion as the final word. You may be right but imposing your thoughts on them will lead to quarrels and fights between the two of you.

Loving someone too much

5. It displays desperation

Love demands trust and if you cannot give your partner a space, you are displaying signs of being insecure. Not just that, your new love will think that you are not able to deal with being alone and that you are terrified of losing them. Having feels for someone who you are not yet sure of shows them your insecurities and that makes you distasteful if they are not yet there with you yet. It will also make them uncomfortable and not make them want to be around you.