If you’ve faced tremendous challenges these past several years but want to be better, not bitter, take a look at these traits and examine the degree to which these match your behaviors.  The closer you come to embracing these traits, the freer you’ll be from the sadness, regret, and limitations of your past.  You’ll let go of what isn’t working, and you’ll co-create a new future that is more joyful and rewarding than you ever imagined.

Bitter Quotes

Choose to be better , instead of Bitter

 Find a way to be better, not bitter”

These 10 traits are:

  • They remain accountable.  They realize their part in what’s happened to them, and don’t play the victim game.

  • They are optimistic.  Despite what’s happened, they hold tight to a hope for a brighter future.

  • They are well-boundaried. They know where they begin, and others end.  They keep compassion alive in their hearts, despite what’s happening around them, and they tune out the negativity, gossip and cruel judgments others throw at them.

  • They ask for help. They reach out for support when they need it, and they get it.

  • They find lessons in their challenges. They seek to learn and grow from all their experiences, and refuse to be broken by them.

  • They avoid self-hatred and self-reproach.  They know they’ve made some big mistakes – and admit them full out — but find a way to be self-accepting and forgiving through it all.

  • They revise their negative behaviors. They understand that repeating the same negative behaviors and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.  They change their ways.

  • They let go of the need to control. They have an ability to bend and be flexible, and go with the flow of what life gives them.  They don’t break themselves against what comes their way.

  • They see a bigger picture than what is before them. Despite how bleak the moment may appear, they have a deep sense of connection to the world and to life, and they sense that there’s a bigger picture unfolding than what meets the eye.

  • They have the courage to embrace change.As scary as change can be, they embrace it and accept that it is within change that expansion and a richer, more satisfying life  lies.


Settled down deep in your heart and mind are the hardest times you have ever experienced. And whether you would like to believe it or not…those things are still affecting you.

 better not bitter


Bitter is easy. Once planted, it grows wildly with little effort. Just a few negative thoughts . It has taken over your heart.

The problem with bitterness is that it keeps you as a prisoner. It controls you, how you perceive the world and those around you. It denies you the ability to trust and it denies you the opportunity to experience deep intimacy with others. Bitterness keeps you self-focused, instead of love-focused.

Let your past make you better not bitter. Let God use your past to make you better. Start by being unveiled before God. Sure He knows what you have been through, but something intimate happens when you offer your side of the story. When you allow Him into those deep places in your heart where you have tucked away your past.

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