Relationships don’t have to be boring! In fact, being in a relationship makes your life better and healthier! You feel happier. Common sense, right? There’s less stress, less depression, of course, you’re happier! There are even scientific studies that show married people being happier and living longer than their unmarried peers. That doesn’t mean you need to go tie the knot today, and it doesn’t mean that being single is a crime, but from a health standpoint, it just makes sense. Love might not actually be a drug, but it certainly can feel like the best one. For those who are in a relationship, here’s our Tagalog Relationship Quote for you.

1. Sa isang relasyon hindi pwedeng ikaw lang ng ikaw ang tumatanggap kaya nga may kasabihang “give and take.”
In a relationship, you have to share. Learn how to give a little and how to get a little. Ang saya sa feeling na may kasama kang magmature, walang bullshitan, walang bad influence. Both self-decisions ang sinusunod. walang under, pero parehas inlove kaya may settings of limitations.

Sumbatan Solo Best Tagalog Relationship Quotes
2. Sa isang relasyon, hindi na dapat hinahalungkat ang nakaraan para walang sumbatan.
What is past, is past. Don’t ruin your relationship just because of an issue of yesterdays life. Left that all behind and learn to live life without digging some memories that’s burried for a long time. It’ll consume your relationship. Why not focus on something that’ll make your relationship healthy?
Pride Solo Best Tagalog Relationship Quotes

3. Walang away na hindi naaayos, lahat yun nasosolusyunan. Hindi lang talaga naayos ang iba, Kase inuuna yung PRIDE.
You can’t have a relationship without a fights. But you can make your relationship worth the fight. Getting rid of your pride is the most important thing on being in a relationship. Walang perfect na relationship, masakit tanggapin pero yun ang totoo, ang mahalaga through the heartaches na naranasan mo, sya ang nakasama mo. If pride will be the center of your relationship, you’ll never have a successful one.

Solo Best Tagalog Relationship Quotes
4. Madaming gwapo. Madaming macho. Madaming matalino. Pero ang importante, yung sa puso nya ikaw lang ang SOLO.
Being in a relationship sounds like it would be enough to make you happy. In life, you’ll find someone that’s handsome and brainy, and you think he’s the perfect one. But the perfect person is the one that’ll make you feel so comfortable even if he’s not the typical dream guy everybody wants. Once you find that special someone, the early days of a relationship feel magical. Everything the other person says and does is wonderful, and you’re never upset or bored. He or she is the most thoughtful, understanding, attractive person ever.

Tao Pride Solo Best Tagalog Relationship Quotes
5. Yung taong handang magbago para sayo at pinipilit magbago kahit maraming humahadlang dito.. Ay yung taong kahit nakakapagod minsan mahalin, pero paulit-ulit ka niyang paiinlovein.
Bad boys will be bad boys. But you know what’s good in falling inlove with them? They make themselves better, not because you told them so but because they love you that much and they’re willing to change just for you. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na makatagpo ng isang taong handang magbago at handang matuto, yung tipong kahit mahirap at kahit maraming sakripisyo. Yung taong hindi isusumbat sayo na para sayo nagbabago siya.

Relationship Tagalog quotes
6. Ang relationship ay parang mainit na kape, lumalamig kapag napabayaan.
If something seems to be not so right in your relationship, find out what’s the reason. Don’t just sit there and watch your relationship sink. Tandaan lang natin lagi na kapag gusto mo ng bumitiw isipin mo kung bakit ka kumapit ng ganyan katagal. Sabi nga sa kanta diba, I’d rather had bad times with you than good times with someone else, I’d rather be beside you in a storm than safe and warm by myself.

Panahon Relationship Tagalog quotes
7. Tumitibay ang relasyon kung hawak-kamay kayo sa lahat ng panahon.
Ang sarap magmahal ng taong yung tipong umuusok ka na sa sobrang galit pero hinding-hindi ka nya sasabayan, yes oo nagjojoke sya para wag ka nang magalit pero deep inside pinakikinggan ka niya. You’re lucky. Finding a guy that’ll hold your hand till the end was pretty awesome. No matter what the situation is, as long as you’re both holding each others hand, you’ll surpass it.

If you are going to be in a relationship, make sure it is for the right reasons. Relationships are important , we are social creatures at the end of the day, but relationships will only work if you are in the right frame of mind and comfortable with yourself. So, before you start chasing other people around , spend some quality time working on the relationship you have with yourself. Learn to love yourself, you aren’t perfect, but you are pretty cool! If you don’t appreciate how special you are – how can you expect anyone else to?