“Torpe” is the term used to describe a guy, who is so in love with a girl but is too shy to admit his feelings for her. Women do not like men who are shy and inexpressive. Many people think that a man needs to act like one, but a “torpe” guy? He isn’t getting anything from a girl. He always doubts about himself and has a fear of rejection. Read our compilation of Best Torpe Quotes. It’ll surely make you smile.

Torpe tagalog quotes
1. TORPE – tutuklawin ka na ng opportunity wala ka pa ring ginagawa.
Opportunies do not last forever. Minsan kailangan din talaga sumugal. Once you fall in love with a girl, you want to know if she loves you too. But you’ll never find out, for certain, if she loves you too or not unless you tell her. Do some moves before it’s too late. Mas mabuting subukan mo kesa manahimik ka na lang sa isang tabi at walang ginagawa.

Mas Mabuti Tagalog Quotes
2. Mas mabuti na yung torpe na may totoong nararamdaman. Kesa naman sa mga taong makakapal ang mukha na sabi ng sabi na mahal ka kahit di naman.
Ang magmahal ng torpe ay mahirap pero wala nang mas hihirap pa kung yung taong minamahal mo e hindi mapatunayan ang mga salitang binibitawan. Sometimes, torpe guys just need to have things pointed out to them before they realize something could be possible. It always, always, always leads to a happy ending, even when it’s not at first.

Diskarte Tagalog Quotes
3. Ang lalakeng torpe sa pang-aasar madalas dumidiskarte.
Sometimes, kung sino pa yung madalas mang asar at mangulit sayo e sila pa pala yung mas totoo ang nararamdaman para sayo. Yung pang-aasar nila is their way of making you smile without knowing na gustong gusto ka na pala nila.

Torpe Kahinaan Tagalog Quotes
4. Ang pagiging torpe ay isang kahinaan, pero kung ito’y mapagbibigyan ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit hindi ka niya iiwan.
Just showing that you know what you want and that you are brave enough to actually do something about it might just do the trick. If she didn’t find you worth noticing then, she’ll definitely notice you now.

Papogi Tagalog Quotes
5. Puro ka papogi, torpe ka naman.
It is not wrong to be torpe. Every guy has this season in life. Pero kung ikaw naman e puro papogi at yabang tapos torpe ka pa, walang mangyayari sayo. Women do not like men who are speechless and inexpressive when they’re already in front of you. They’ll get upset. Wag puro papogi, express-express din ng nararamdaman pag may time.

Torpe Relasyon tagalog quotes
6. Hindi lahat ng lalaki ay torpe hindi lang talaga sila handa kung pano patakbuhin ang isang relasyon.
The experiences that makes a guy torpe are unique. Ang mga taong torpe ay ang mga taong mas nag iisip kesa sa mga taong basta na lang sumusunggab without knowing the consequences. Once they get into a relationship, sila yung mas mature mag isip.

Papogi Problem Tagalog quotes
7. Ang mayabang mahal ka na ayaw pang aminin. Ang torpe mahal ka na ayaw pang sabihin.
There are person who are great in everything that they do but they seem to pity themselves and feel that what they do is just ordinary thing for them. They are usually called as “humble” individuals. Their confidence levels are in a constant rate, but what is funny about them is they don’t appreciate themselves more than anything.

“Torpe”, is a common insult for guys that can’t express their feelings and emotions for the girls that they like or love. These individuals are scared enough to express themself whenever they are near or talking to the girl they like. Not all guys fear from rejection. Most guys would take their time to flirt anyone that has legs and wearing a skirt, but a torpe guy? He would not even make a single move even if the girl is showing interest with the guy.