These quotes are for someone who suffering from sadness and emptiness in life. For those who needs to light up their life also their cold and dark world that may relate from these quotations.

Saddest Part of Life

1.“It’s hard to kill yourself when you are already dead.”

You don’t feel anything at all because of the sufferings you’ve been through, from the heartaches and headaches you felt for the worst past. You felt dead and empty, only the darkness and coldness of life is there to be with you. You felt dead because everything’s like chasing and killing you. And you felt tired to live so you just want to close your eyes forever.

2.“No one can understand my tears behind my smiles.”

They won’t understand because they can’t feel how it feels. Pretending that I’m fine, but I’m not. Hiding a thousand tears behind the thick lipstick. We can’t ever change the real world, the fact that we can’t avoid hurting ourselves or to hurt each other.

Saddest Part of Life

3.“Even they hurt us a lot, we still wish the best for them.”

They hurt, stabbed, left and tear us, we still a big soft heart to forgive them and give them a piece of love. Instead of hurting them back we always keep in our minds that anger is a waste of time and love is for everyone. And because we know how it feels to be hurt so we are the one who will understand their situations.

4.“Sometimes I’m tired of being me because the WRONG has been always my fault.”

They like to blame us for everything. They always think it’s our fault, but it’s not. They only see our imperfections and mistakes. They never notice our soft heart that always accepting their accusations against us.

Saddest Part of Life

5.“Sometimes it is better to be mute. Some words are better left unsaid.”

Words are powerful, it can break anything without tools or whatever, only words from the sharp tongue. Being silent is better, it is the other way to avoid hurting anyone. But silence is the most powerful scream, pretending that we are just not affected. It is better to not saying any words because they won’t understand, how many times they will listen or not.

6.“Admit that we are the stars in our own movies yet it’s tragic.”

We are the stars in our own life, but the sad truth is it’s tragic. We only live once and chances will be wasted. In real life there is no happy ending. If our life ends, we may rejoice, but they will cry. We can’t force ourselves to live longer and to have a happily ever after because there is no princes, nor princesses beside us to call it a happy ending.

Saddest Part of Life


7.“Life is easy the hard part is living.”

Life is easy and full of happiness. But in reality living is a tragedy, living is not a joke. The hard part is surviving from those endless battles, as our age increases the bigger the problems we encounter.

8.“Forgiving wasn’t hard, but forgetting.”

Even they hurt us, we kept on forgiving them, but the sad part is it’s hard to forget what they have done. After forgiving them, it still hurts whenever we remember what happened in the past. The past is still giving us a time to suffer until we move on.


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