We all tried to force things to someone, we all give what we can give. But we end up being turn off, they just need us if our help is needed. After that were trash, we are all tired to be used. And I hope someday someone will appreciate us.




I no longer force things,

What flows, flow.

What crashes, crashes.

I only have space and energy

For the things that are 

Meant for me.


Why bother to push myself to someone,

To someone who leave when he’s done to me

And just call me if he needed.

I want people to like me, because it is me.

Not because I like them so they like back,

no plasticity, no facade.


Acceptance and not change to be accepted,

I hope soon enough someone would see me as who I am.

And not someone passing by.


I hope you enjoy reading my short story!

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