In life, in our darkest times we find someone who will bring light to us. Someone who will be there to cheer you up, support and never give up on believing you can do it. But sometimes, they just come to your life as a purpose. Some of them come and eventually go, as if it is saying they are just a medicine to get you better. We regret that we met that person, but deep inside we regret that the time has come they need to leave.



By Yukimi Dela Vega

I was standing so long,

Was waiting for any to come,

I was waiting for salvation.

But I feel so sad, rain only come.

I was in the beauty of storm

Ragged and wreck, you accept me I longed.

People disgust me for who my I am

But you show me the light hidden in storm.

You drag me on world beautiful facet,

You show me how to smile, even when you hit rock bottom.

You tell me, ‘life was never been unfair’

That all you need to do is to fight through storms.

One day was the last day.

When I can never say goodbye,

It was the eternal I’ll cherish our moment.

‘Thank you for being my light.’

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