“You are too kind,” might be another way of saying “thank you,” but it can also be used in sarcasm.top

There is nothing wrong with being a kind person, in fact, it’s what most of us try to be. However, when others start to take advantage of your caring nature, this is where you may want to decide whether or not you are being too kind.

Being kind certainly isn’t a bad thing, it’s just something to watch out for if you are made to feel unhappy for the sake of others.

“I Was Too Kind”

By: Yukimi Dela Vega

They say being good is good,

Putting first those who in need,

While never expecting in return,

That was my parents teachings.

I love helping others,

Without even thinking for myself,

I love when I hear ‘thank you’.

Although I can’t even help myself.

I always try to please by helping

So that I wont end up a loner,

I truly love helping

But it is bittersweet that they just use me.

I understand that people only look when they needed,

They can be thankful, but never be greatful.

That is why I was too kind to understand

That kindness cannot be universal.

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