The age where you meet a lot of temporary people. “

Between the ages of sixteen and twenty-six, we go through a very important phase of our life. It is a time of discovery, self-examination and meeting a lot of different people. As we get older, we experience a wide range of interactions, many of which are just as ephemeral as time itself.This is the time when we start our schooling, learn how to deal with the challenges of becoming adults and make relationships that seem significant at the moment. Each encounter that shapes our path leaves an enduring impression on the friendships we make in the workplace, on campuses and in classrooms. Truth be told, though, a lot of these relationships are really transient.Relationships in this age range are inevitably temporary due to personal development and shifting goals. People come and go, each adding to our knowledge of the world and ourselves as we struggle with the unceasing flow of identities and ambitions. While some act as confidantes or mentors, many are merely temporary partners.This stage turns into a blank canvas filled with lessons learned about the art of letting go. This is the moment to experiment and find what speaks to our true self. Acknowledging the fleeting nature of these interactions may be both liberating and heartbreaking. Knowing that every individual, regardless of how fleeting their presence may be, contributes to the development of our story enables us to fully enjoy the richness of the present.In the end, the 16–26 age range is a testing ground for perseverance, personal development and realizing that the fleeting nature of relationships is a sign of life’s energy. Accepting the transience teaches us to value the experiences, knowledge and people who, despite their passing, add to the patchwork of our changing identities.