Girl From Nowhere is a Thai-language television anthology series from 2018. The story revolves to the girl named “Nanno” , a mysterious and clever girl who transfers to different schools and exposes everyone’s different stories of hypocrisy. The series plays lessons taught with no moral boundaries. Although it is sad that you will just realize it once you hit the end. Here are the collection of quotes from the series per episodes.


All of us have heard countless apologies, If we make a mistake we apologize, And yet, we still make more mistakes. Perhaps our apology is actually meant for our next mistake.
Even in the darkness, diamond still shine
What can money buy? A room, fame, things, social image? Maybe, money can buy more than that.
If you choose prominence over love. You shouldn't get yourself to someone in the first place.
Being a role model, does not mean being perfect.
Most acts are driven from emotion, consequences are the results. While regret serve as punishments
People, don't appreciate what they have until it's gone
Failure in life, does not start from other people. If you fail, learn from it stop blaming and complaining.
Believing in yourself, never use someone as a stepping stone
It' s not based on what you achieve in life, it's all about the virtues you hold
Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, everyone has worth old or new. The things is we are all human beings and we should respect one another.

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