In the shadows of a moonlit night, Where tears cascade like gentle rain, There echoes a tale of love’s cruel plight, A melody of heartache, sorrow, and pain.

Sad love, a haunting symphony, That echoes through the corridors of time, In every ache, a silent plea, For solace in this bittersweet rhyme.

In whispered words that went unheard, And promises left unfulfilled, Lies the wreckage of a love deferred, A story of hearts that fate has chilled.

The touch that once set souls ablaze, Now leaves but ashes in its wake, In shattered dreams and empty gaze, A love once cherished now forsake.

For love, alas, is not immune, To the trials of this mortal coil, It weaves its web, a fleeting tune, Yet often ends in tears and toil.

So let us mourn what once was ours, And mourn the love that slipped away, For in the depths of darkest hours, It’s sadness that our hearts betray.

Sad love, a poem left unsaid, In every tear, a silent plea, For what was lost and what’s been bled, In sorrow’s embrace, we long to be