“Steps To Cope Up With A Heartbreak”

Breakups are hard for a million reasons. You invest a part of your heart into another person, and to have it not work out is physically and emotionally draining. It is natural for the end of a relationship to give rise to a lot of hurt, pain and anger. Survive heartbreak and discover the easy steps to get over your ex quickly.


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“Tanggapin ang lahat ng dapat tanggapin. Tanggapin mo ng buong-buo!”

You can’t fix it. It’s over. It’s most likely been over. Love keeps people hanging onto something bad, even though they know it’s negative. Acceptance is the healthiest way to get over a breakup. If you accept your relationship is over, you’re free to move into a happier stage of life.

“Iiyak mo kung hindi mo na talaga kaya ang sakit na nararamdaman mo. Para sa ganun maibsan manlang ang bigat ng dinadala mo”

The end of a relationship forces a person to go through the same feelings as after bereavement. Accept that your relationship with this person is over so that you can move on with your life. Don’t feel bad about moping around for a while; in fact you may even find your tears bringing on a cathartic sense of relief.

“Wag ka maglasing kasi hindi yan makakatulong na makalimutan siya. Sasakit lang ang ulo mo, pag gising mo siya pa rin ang nasa isip mo”

Don’t turn to alcohol to solve your problems. Not to say we’re opposed to you drinking half a bottle of wine right after your breakup, but limit it to just then. There’s no need to go out and get hammered every night. Remember, alcohol is a depressant and who needs to be more sad than they already are after a breakup?

Love Quotes Steps Cope with a heart Break 2

“Buksan mo ang puso mo sa iba, baka may taong mas handang mag-alaga. Mas handang magmahal. Mas handang sumagip sayo. Yung taong ibibigay ang lahat ng pangangailangan mo”

It’s okay if you take some time to heal, in fact that’s the normal thing to do. Take your time and then open your heart to someone. Give yourself the chance to love someone else again. Fall in love and experience that feeling once more. Love is a feeling so hard to describe, but so beautiful that when we’re living it we feel complete. Let someone else heal the wounds of your heart while he or she makes you happy. Again, who knows, maybe you find your future wife or husband.

“Magpaganda ka pa lalo, siya ang palabasin mong magsisisi sa huli. Ipakita mo ang kawalan mo sa kanya”

Making yourself feel beautiful after a breakup helps take your mind off the man you broke up with and raises your self-esteem at the same time. Wallowing in heartbreak won’t make you feel better, but distracting yourself by spending time doing things you like or that make you feel pretty may help ease the pain. It may also assist you in meeting and finding love with someone else when you feel the time is right. Take it one step at a time and you will be just fine. And one day when you wake up, you will find that you are no longer hurting. You might find someone else to share your love with or better yet, you will realize that as good as it feels to be in a relationship, it’s great to be single again! And that the world is a happy place once again…

“Matuto kang lumaban sa kalungkutan. Always think POSITIVE. Be brave. Sinusubukan lang naman kasi tayo ni God kung gaano tayo katatag at katapang na harapin ang bawat kabiguan”

Be brave enough to walk alone, and don’t be scared to like it. This is the time in your life to walk with your head held high. You do not need a significant other to lead a significant life. You are never completely alone, as long as you are true to the person in the mirror.

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